Evening - A La Carte Menu - Moat Room Restaurant

To Begin

Celeriac Cream & Popcorn Kale Soup with Hazelnut Bread
Six Pounds and Fifty Five Pence
Home Cured Fresh Salmon with Beetroot & Fennel
Seven Pounds and Ninety five Pence
Pigeon & Pulled Pork, Pickled Plum with Toffee Apple Jelly
Seven Pounds and Fifty Five Pence
Seared Scallops, Cauliflower Pannacotta, Chorizo, Orange & Lime
Ten Pounds and Ninety-Five Pence
Shrewsbury Blue & Butternut Soufflé with Curried Lychee
Seven Pounds and Seventy Five Pence


To Follow

Lobster Three Ways with New Potatoes
Eighteen Pounds and Ninety Five Pence
Medallion of Shropshire Beef, Oxtail & Shin Confit With Dauphinoise Potatoes & Spinach
Twenty One Pounds and Ninety Five Pence
Loin of Venison with Chanterelles, Chicory & Kale Chestnut Croquettes & Cranberry Apple
Twenty Pounds and Seventy Five Pence
Crispy Spiced Belly Pork & Gressingham Duck Breast, Swiss Chard & Bulgur Wheat
Nineteen Pounds and Twenty Five Pence
Roast Fillet of Sea Bass, Cherry Tomato, Fennel, Aubergine & Saffron Potato
Twenty Pounds and Fifty Pence
Carrot Dumplings with Roasted Butternut Cannellini Beans & Chilly Tomato
Fifteen Pounds and Fifty Pence


For After

Lavender Pannacotta, Gooseberry Compote & Caramelised Pineapple
Six Pounds and Fifty-Five Pence
Blackberry Frangipane with Apple Sorbet
Six Pounds and Seventy-Five Pence
Poached Peach with Stem Ginger Ice Cream
Six Pounds and Twenty-Five Pence
Chocolate, Prune & Pecan Nut Fondant with Cointreau
Six Pounds and Seventy-Five Pence
Honey Amaretto Soufflé
Seven Pounds and Seventy-Five Pence

Create your own Cheese board

Cheese selection per person, three cheeses £7.25
Hussey Cheese board for two, six cheeses £13.50
Manor Cheese board, eleven cheeses £24.00

C= cows G= goats E= ewes P=Pasteurized U=un-pasteurized V=vegetarian

Hard cheese

Wrekin White, produced by Mr. Moyden in Newport Shropshire. C P V
Hard extra-matured strong flavor “Gouda” like cheddar

Mrs Appleby’s Cheshire, produced at Appleby’s in Cheshire C P V
Authentic English farmhouse Cheshire cheese, golden-orange colour, crumbly texture with a light, tongue-tickling flavour

Newport 1665, oak smoked hard cheese produced in Shrewsbury C V P
Hard cheese smoked at Bings Heath Smokery, Shropshire

Lincolnshire Poacher, Produced at the Ulceby Grange Farm near Lincolnshire Wolds CUV 14 to 20 month ripened cheddar like cheese
Fruity, nutty taste with a sweet finish

Semi hard cheese

Wrekin Blue, produced by Mr Moyden in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. C U V
Blue Cheese made using the raw milk from our own herd of British Friesian cows. The rustic natural rind encompasses the unctuous cheese inside that is mottled with blue streaks

Yorkshire fine Fettle, Produced in Yorkshire. E P V
A fines 100% creamy ewes milk cheese, which has a crumbly texture with a lemony Flavour

Hereford Hop, produced in Gloucester. C U V
Distinctive semi hard cheese matured in apricots and orange then coated in toasted hops.

Cornish Yarg, produced in Cornwall C P V
Light creamy, semi hard, mould ripened cheese wrapped in nettles

Caer Caradoc, produced by Mr Moyden, Shrewsbury
Caerphilly style Fresh Crumbly, pale yellow lemony flavour C U V

Basset Blue Stilton, produced by Colston Basset Dairy in Nottinghamshire. C P V      
Rich creamy full flavoured Stilton, semi hard cheese, first production dates back to 1847

Soft cheese

Tornegus, produced at Walnut Tree Farm in Somerset. C U V
The Cheese is “washed” in Kentish wine and brine to give it the apricot colour, coated with mint and lemon leaves to give it the pungent flavour.

Sharpham Brie, produced at Sharpham Estate near Totnes Devon. C U V
A delicious soft cheese, soft light textured cheese from Jersey Herd finished with cream.

Capricorn Goat, produced at Manor Farm Cricket St. Thomas Somerset. G P V
Soft goat cheese, creamy melts in the mouth, almost runny and slight nutty flavour 

 Tunworth, Produced at Hampshire Cheeses in Hampshire from 2004 C U V
Tunworth is a handmade unpasteurised cheese. a soft white cheese full of flavour a creamy texture, wrinkled rind.

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