Herbie Car Hire

Herbie’s Story

Well Herbie loves a big day out, and is at his best making people happy. Mention wedding, and his big heart roars into action, turning up all shiny and smart to be part of the big day.

Here at Herbie 4 Hire we take very special care of this famous and magical car and all our time is dedicated purely to keeping Herbie Happy. We believe that if Herbie is happy then everyone around him is happy because no other car can bring a smile to a face like Herbie. Herbie is available for pre-wedding shoots, on the day of your wedding for photos and a short fun drive, or to get you to the church on time, with full chauffeur service.  Whatever your need Herbie is willing to help out.  For a quote please call
07860 417 281.  Please see Herbie’s Facebook page and website for more pictures and information.

Herbie is also available for weddings held at other venues.

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