Le Mans 24 Hr Race

Albright Hussey Manor Hotel Launche’s its New Branding at Le Mans 24 Hr Race


Well what an amazing weekend!!!  It was just amazing and emotional to see a Le Mans car carrying the Albright Hussey name, it was none stop action for 24 hours despite setting great lap times car 39 suffered many mechanical issues, overheating gearbox, broken suspension, tyre blow out and air box issues, But despite this they never gave up and brought the Car home.  James was totally devastated as he knew he had a great chance of arriving in the top three.  Motor sport can be very cruel to drivers but this is the challenge that faces man and machine.  The experience is invaluable and there is always next year.  A Big thank you to James and the Graff Team for letting Team Hussey be part of this amazing Race…

Albright Hussey Manor sponsors leMans 24hr


Team Hussey Support Crew off to Le Mans Tonight 15.6.14 “In Search of Victory”

14.6.17 First Practice under Way, So Far So Good


We are Very Proud to be Supporting Racing Driver James Winslow and the Graff Racing Team, which will be Carrying the New Albright Hussey Manor Hotel Logo at over 210 mph down the famous Mulsanne straight at this year’s 24 hours of Le Mans.  The LMP2 car Number 39 (Le Mans Prototype 2) has the potential to not only win the LMP2 class but arrive on the overall winners podium.  The variables of, stamina, reliability and risks of racing for 24 hours at speeds in excess of 200mph are huge, so the first challenge will be to just finish the race.  To achieve this a huge amount of effort will be required from the Racing Team, the car and the three pilots, not just during the 24 hours but during the weeks building up to the race.  Many comparisons can be drawn from this challenge to running a Hotel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The Albright Hussey supported James in his early years of racing in Formula 3.  We are indebted to him for making this once in a life time opportunity possible..   It’s a huge achievement that a small hotel in Shropshire has been given the honour and privilege to have its Branding on his LMP2 race car and to be associated with the greatest race on this planet.

We wish James, his co Pilots and his team Graff Racing the best of luck and I look forward to being track side to see car 39 carrying the New Albright Hussey Manor Hotel logo crossing the finish line.

Paul Subbiani

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