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Indulge in the Art of Wood-Fired Perfection

Following the success of our “in house” Pizza nights we are taking the experience on the road!

Discover a symphony of flavours at Subito Pizza, where every pizza is a masterpiece born from the dance of flames and premium ingredients. Our wood-burning pizza trailer is more than a kitchen—it’s a culinary experience on wheels!

The Subito Pizza Hut trailer was purposefully designed and built to offer amazing pizza’s in style, with a trailer that looks great in any venue and for any occasion. 

Whatever your event, Subito Pizzas can attend with ease and professionalism and offer a unique catering experience.

Mobile Wood Burning Pizza oven

If you would like us to attend your special occasion, event or festival

Please call Paul on 01939 290571 or email paul@albrighthussey.co.uk

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Why Subito Pizzas

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Authentic Wood-Fired Magic: Each pizza is kissed by the flames, delivering a crispy crust and a smoky, savoury essence that’s impossible to resist.

Fresh, Local & Authentic Ingredients: We believe in quality. Our toppings are sourced locally & direct from Italy to ensure a burst of freshness in every bite. Cooked to perfection in approximately 90 seconds by our artisan chefs, delivering quality at speed for outdoor catering.

Mobile Pizza Extravaganza: Follow the tantalizing scent as our trailer roams the streets, bringing the magic of wood-fired pizza right to your doorstep.

Services We Offer:

Catering for Any Occasion: Turn your events into unforgettable culinary experiences. Our wood-burning trailer is ready to serve your guests the finest artisanal pizzas.

 Private Pizza Parties: Elevate your gatherings with a personalized pizza party. Our skilled pizzaiolos will craft custom creations to suit every taste.

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If there’s a .universal dish, it’s not the burger but pizza, because it’s limited to a common base – the dough – on which everyone can dispose, organize and express their difference.